DonnaMy name is Donna and I love to paint! Painting has been part of my life for almost as long as I can remember. Serenity Creations was born after my first retirement ( I have retired twice since then, but this time it took). Gallery glass, oils, acrylics, and water colors have a place in my life, painted on a variety of surfaces.  

 For most of my adult life, I have painted in one form or another.  I’ve done craft shows back in the day when they were all the rage.  I had a small gift shop at one time.  I have placed my items in a craft mall.  I wanted something a little easier and more in my control, and this website was born in my mind.  Most of what I paint now days is smaller, thus easy to pack and ship.

Recently I have learned to create art pieces with gallery glass.  It is fantastic and has the look of stained glass, however it is done on plexiglass.  Not much chance of breakage with it.  And it is lightweight and easy to handle. 

On my side you will find hand painted wooden ornaments, wooden signs, both primitive and inspirational, and other decorative accessories.  You will not see hundreds of items at Serenity Creations, but what you do see is created with care and love and hopefully will bring a smile to your face, and you will say, “That was made just for me” or  “That would make a wonderful gift.” 

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